Mondovi High School will present the classic tale of Cinderella as its fall musical with performances this Friday and Saturday evening in the high school multipurpose room.

Mondovi students to present ‘Cinderella’ for fall musical


Mondovi High School is preparing to present the classic story of Cinderella for its fall musical production with two performances scheduled to take place this weekend.

Based on the famous Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version, which was first broadcast in 1957, Cinderella tells the well-known, time-honored tale of a young woman forced into a life of servitude by her cruel stepmother and self-centered stepsisters. Yet Cinderella still holds hopes and dreams of a better life, and after receiving help from her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella is a hit at the royal Ball, finds her Prince and lives happily ever after.

Showtimes are set for Friday, Nov. 13, and Saturday, Nov. 14, beginning at 7 p.m. in the high school multipurpose room. General admission tickets are on sale at a cost of $5; children ages five and under are free.

The story begins in the village square as the exciting news that a Ball will take place to celebrate the Prince’s 21st birthday is announced. The ladies of the kingdom are thrilled at the prospect of meeting him.

Cinderella (Sadie Paulsen), whose beloved father has died, takes care of the home of her ill-tempered and selfish stepmother (Myra King) and stepsisters (Grace Boley as Portia, Marissa Pax as Joy), who constantly order Cinderella about. Left alone in her corner near the fire, she dreams of living an exotic life as a princess or anything other than a servant.

Meanwhile, the King (Erick Peterson) and Queen (Korri Brown) get ready for the big celebration and the servants discuss the planning for the feast. They hope he will find a suitable bride, but the Prince (Sam Weinzierl) is a bit apprehensive about meeting all the eager women of the kingdom.

As Cinderella’s stepsisters get ready for the Ball, hoping that they will catch the Prince’s eye, they laugh at Cinderella’s dreams. Finally they leave and Cinderella imagines having gone with them when her Fairy Godmother (Hannah Barneson) appears. Persuaded by the fervor of Cinderella’s wish to go to the Ball, she transforms Cinderella into a beautifully-gowned young lady. Her little mouse friends and a pumpkin turn into a glittering carriage with impressive footmen. Her Godmother warns her not to stay past midnight as Cinderella leaves for the Ball.

She arrives at the palace at 11:30 p.m. The Prince is bored by the attention of all the young ladies with whom he has had to dance, including the stepsisters. Cinderella’s grand entrance immediately attracts everyone’s attention and intrigues the Prince. They dance together and instantly fall in love.

Finding themselves in a private moment the Prince declares his love for Cinderella. As they share a kiss, the clock begins to strike midnight. Cinderella flees before the magic wears off, leaving one of her glass slippers behind in her haste.

The next morning, Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters reminisce about the Ball, noting that Cinderella is very intuitive about what it must have been like. 

Meanwhile, the Prince is searching for the beauty he danced with who also made a hasty exit. His Herald (Destiny Yarrington) tries the slipper on all the women of the kingdom. At Cinderella’s house, the slipper will not fit any of the ladies. Cinderella’s stepmother tries to steer the Herald away from the servant girl, Cinderella, who is actually hiding in the Palace garden. 

The Herald returns to the palace garden and regretfully informs the Prince that he has not found the missing girl. The Herald then sees Cinderella hiding and places her under arrest. Prodded by the Fairy Godmother, he tries the slipper on Cinderella. It fits, and the Prince is called back to the garden, where he recognizes his beloved. Cinderella and the Prince marry, and all ends happily.

Other cast members are: Morgan Clark (puppeteer) and ensemble members Leif Brion, Tahirah Crawford, Abigail Gaulke, Savannah Hjort, Eryka Hutter, Susie Hutter, Lillianna Kreibich, Dustin Mohler, Morgan Mohler, Santana Nelson, Abby Paulsen, Sofia Sandberg, Olivia Saxe, Kyla Taylor and Cassie Thompson.

Members of the pit band are: Emma Boley, Emma Brunstrom, Bekah Critchfield, Jason Fath, Amalah Hjort, Emily Johnson, Nola Matchey, Jacob Miller, Emilia Radle, Jacob Perz and Tarryn Wertz.

Crew members are: Ella Bauer, Iria Best, Sarah Fath, Hannah Ford, Kayla Howell, Mackenzie Huebner, Rachel Kahler, Nick Kauten, Dominic Kilde, Jared Linse, Kaylee Nygaard, Jaden Pavelski, Zach Schloesser and Anna Teigen.

The musical is directed by Robin Helbing, Tyler Halverson and Mike Cook.


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